Sociology of violence
SOC 2009
This course provides a sociological framework for
examining violence.  We will survey and critique
definitions of violence, and the role of violence in
the creation of the modern world.  The course,
along with the primary text for the course is divided
into five sections. The first section explores the
relationship between domination and
subordination. The second section examines the
discourse on and between violence and
nonviolence.  The third section examines the
violence of institutions and organizations.   The
fourth examines state violence. The fifth section
examines forms of symbolic violence embedded in
the construction and consumption of art, narrative,
and the media.
Throughout the course there will be an emphasis on
developing the critical thinking skills that will allow
students to evaluate the social and cultural
meanings of violence.  

General Course Objectives:

Successful completion of this course will promote the
general student outcomes listed below:

1.  Introduce the student to critical and conceptual
thought about violence.   
2.  Introduce students to important sociological views on
concepts such as stratification, domination, exploitation,
dominance, deviance, deterrence, and retribution.
3.  Introduce students to the various ways our society and
others present and consume violence.
4.  Encourage students to think critically about
information disseminated about violence.